A4 Canvas Frame
A4 Canvas Print and Frame – R60 – 50% OFF
300mm x 300mm Canvas
Square Canvas Print and Frame: 300 x 300mm – R95 – 50% OFF

Square Canvas Print and Frame: 200 x 200mm – R60 – 50% OFF


Square Canvas Frame: 200 x 200mm

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200mm x 200mm Canvas Print and Frame – 50% OFF BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL

What you get:

200mm x 200mm Canvas Print and Frame : 200mm x 200mm

How Long does it take:

From approval it will take 3-4 days to print and wrap your frame. Delivery will depends upon your location. If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact us: 068 107 0412 or

We use a Fine Art Canvas for all our framing. This is a Fine Art Coated Canvas designed to produce solid blacks, vivid colours and smooth gradients.

The canvas will be stretched around a wooden frame which is 35mm in depth. All our frames are double reinforced to give the best framing solution.

* Please upload your pictures above, or should you wish, please email us the images you would like. Our email address is

This special is valid until 16th – 30th November 2023.