Block Mounting

Block Mounting

Block Mounting Framing

Block Mounting Framing consists of a 'canvas type' print pasted onto a solid board backing.
These block mounts are available with white or black sides.
Any prints can be mounted onto these frames, so you are not limited to just canvas or photos.
We can mount maps, posters, flyers, gloss photos, canvas or banners.
This framing solution is ideal for short or long-term use.
Sizes range from A5 - A0
Block Mounting Photo Panel


  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • Frameless appearance
  • Permanent and durable
  • No glass to break or produce a glare
Block Mounting Photo Panel

Pricing Structure

  • A5: 150 x 230mm
  • A4: 200 x 300mm
  • A3: 300 x 450mm
  • A2: 400 x 600mm
  • A1: 600 x 900mm
  • A0: 800 x 1200mm